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From Where Will Antichrist Come?
It has often been taught in popular books and movies that the Antichrist may not be well- known as he first comes on the scene, but will rise and control the world from a powerful place, such as the leader of the United States, the United Nations, NATO, or one of the western European countries like England, France, or Spain. While the Bible is clear there will be a period where the masses follow him and his system will control the world, it does not necessarily mean he rises from an established power base or later rules from it. As a matter of fact, Daniel chapter 11, may indicate he comes to power and maintains his base in none of the above countries or organizations — for they were the backwoods and wilderness in the days Daniel wrote — but, from an area connected to the birth of modern civilization; i.e, Akkad and Egypt … and from a philosophical and political assimilator … Greece.
The land between the rivers, the fertile crescent with Sumer and Akkad, is where civilization began after the first world system and its people were destroyed by the flood of Noah’s day. Writing began in Akkad and advanced to Egypt about a century later. From these two areas, Akkad and Egypt, came the world powers until God gave Daniel a vision/dream that limited the future to four empires that would rise before the Kingdom of God be established on earth. The third of the four empires, Greece, would be of extra significance because out of the division of the Grecian empire, two regions would do battle, and from one of those will arise the Antichrist.
Alexander the Great is called a notable horn (power/leader) that breaks Persia — the second ruling empire of Daniel’s dream — then the horn is broken when Alexander dies and his empire divided to four generals, which the Bible describes as breaking to the four winds of heaven or north, south, east, and west. Two generals received the north and northwest regions of the empire, which became small local states over time; but, General Seleucid and General Ptolemy received the ancient bases. Leaders after the first Seleucid often took the name of Antiochus; while male leaders following Ptolemy kept the name, with female leaders taking the name Cleopatra.
Subsequently, the Seleucids, who received the land of Sumer, Akkad, and Babylon set their base in Syria. The Ptolemy’s received the land of the pyramids, and the progressive city of Alexandria in Egypt. Lands that are north and east of this belonged to the Seleucid horn. Lands south were in the Ptolemaic horn. Western territory went to the Grecian and Macedonian horns.
Once again, many lands are located in the four horns, but not the entire known world of modernity. The Seleucid horn has the largest amount of modern countries in its sphere, such as: Syria, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Afghanistan, some of Pakistan and India, the “-stan” countries of southern Russia, possibly Kuwait and Qatar. The Ptolemy horn has: Egypt, part of Libya, possibly parts of Eretria, Sudan, and Ethiopia. Modern Saudi Arabia was desert in those days, but countries like Yemen, Oman, and Dubai, are ancient and they seem to have remained autonomous as trade partners with both Ptolemaic and Seleucid territories. It could conceivably fit south because it is south or toward the pleasant land in Daniel’s vision. If the countries of the Arabian Peninsula were in the Ptolemaic south … I believe Saudi Arabia would be in the south, today.
If Antichrist is from the north, or the area of the Seleucid Empire, he could be from any of the countries listed above, and his empire will grow to the south, east, and to the pleasant land. As an example, let’s imagine the little horn rises in present day Syria. He expands east to conquer Iran, Iraq, Turkey, southern Russia’s independent nations, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India. Then he attacks and takes Egypt along with northern and parts of central Africa. Lastly, he takes control of countries toward the pleasant land: Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, and all or part of Israel.
What is intriguing about the present situation in Daniel’s north and south, is that the making of a new war in the ancient regions may be taking place. Significant events are going on in Syria, Iran, Turkey, and Russia … the antichrist could come from or be appointed a position to lead a coalition there. The Sunnis of Saudi Arabia are fighting the Shiites of Iran … and with that itself, we would have the king of the north in Iran against the king of the south, Saudi Arabia. Of course, numerous combinations of nations in the north and south sphere could occur at any time due to the present state of the region.
The war between the king of the north and king of the south, that features the antichrist, then, could begin with fighting among Muslim factions which are located in all of the countries of the old Seleucid and Ptolemaic empires… nations with large population of Eastern Orthodox are in some of those countries, also. It is conceivable the war starts as a regional conflict between some of the above mentioned countries; then, the antichrist gains victories and becomes unbeatable as he starts to spread the conflict and take lands. His actions cause world powers to get involved, which could mean Russia, the United States, Western Europe, Japan, and China.